I am so blessed to have such beautiful clients who cross my path, but more importantly to open their hearts to yoga and movement.  Below are their wonderful words that I am gracious to share. ~ Weléla

Amazing, beautiful class in a loving, calm ambience.  I loved the flow of the postures – right pace.  I feel light and refreshed after the class.’  Shevanne Helmer ~ co-founder and world traveller

‘Weléla, you Goddess Priestess.  Healing hands and glowing spirit.  I am happy to know you.  Thank you for releasing pent up energy. It is moving free. I am alive.’  Liba Waring Stambollion~ painter and furniture designer 

‘Weléla has been my personal yoga coach for a couple months.  I really appreciate her class because she’s more than a yoga teacher, she is a life coach. She has helped me so much, because of my job I have a lot of stress and big decisions to make, and Weléla always brings me her good vibes and her yoga sessions align my body.  The fact that she’s a dancer she understands perfectly what the body needs, with technique and grace.’  Sofiia Mounousha ~  actress and model (photo: Amel Kerkeni)


Yasmine Warsame ~ model



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