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Ilé Aiyé Yoga Juice Detox Paris !

Have you ever wanted to detox from the city’s toxins and renew your energy  with eco-friendly products ? Ilé Aiyé Yoga offers an eco-conscious juice and yoga detox.  Raw-juice fasting, yoga, and relaxation.  If you would like to reconnect with yourself – the opportunity is here.  Private juice delivery service or pick- up in Paris.

 Discover freedom and tranquility.


Panchakarma is the Sanskrit term for detox or purification.

It is an essential element of Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic tradition is an ancient Indian system of medicine, which has been in practice for thousands of years.

Panchakarma not only includes juice detoxing, but also one should explore warm herbal oil massage, yoga and hammam to elimnate toxins and impurities from all the bodily tissues.

Raw-juice detoxing enliven the digestive fire and loosen impurities within the body; which makes it possible to cleanse the tissue layers and release deeply held emotional tension.


Eliminates toxic conditions from digestive system . Detoxifies liver

and blood . Strengthens the immune system . Cleanses complexion

and skin . Balances nervous system . Reduces stress and anxiety .

Strengthens bone and muscle tissue



Rheumatoid Arthritis . Fibromyalgia . Chronic Fatigue . Weight Gain .

Chronic Sinusitis . Conorary Heart Disease . Poor Sexual Energy .

Chronic Bronchitis . Bronchial Asthma . Chronic Headache . Skin

Diseases . Chronic Constipation . Menstrual problems . Menopausal

Syndrome . Depression and Anxiety . Multiple Sclerosis . Insomnia

This detox is for healing, nourishment and nuturing. It is our sincere desire that time spent with us during your detox, will bring peace, and become a special place you can return to again and again to detox and reconnect with yourself.

Our juices are made fresh twice a day, and are available throughout the day whenever you want them. We encourage tuning in and discovering your own timing and rhythm for your juices. Your detox is an ideal space to create art, write, read, sleep, rest deeply, and contemplate.


The world is moving fast. Information is overwhelming our nervous systems, toxins in most of our food, water and atmosphere, going into our bodies faster than our cells can process and eliminate them. Fasting gives your digestive system a rest. What we’ve done by creating these juice cleanses, is eliminate the process of digesting, thus freeing up the energy it usually takes for your body to do so. Ultimately leaving you with a sense of renewed energy.

Raw juice helps to break down toxic materials and eliminates them through natural circulation, and through all of this : new cell growth is created. Since your body is just so genuine and intelligent, your blood-protein level will stay consistent during your cleanse, as your body uses stored protein and other nutrients where they are needed.

Juices are intentionally prepared with an array of fruits, vegetables and herbs that are necessary to enhance your health while cleansing. You will still be receiving your daily calories and nutrients just in a way that is more gradual and more gentle for your body.

*All juices are bio-organic

*All juices are Vegan

*All Juices are Kosher

*All juices are pure with no additives or preservatives

*All juices will last up to 3 days when placed in refridgerator

Raw Juice

Raw Juice refers to the extracted juices of fruits and vegetables that have in no way been cooked or heated. This is to retain the full enzymatic properties.

We combine the juices at the space in a very special way. Because our guests are either private or in small groups, we have the luxury of taking the time to combine the juices by hand individually with a result that could only happen in small handmade batches.

We have the most delicious, nutritious, cleansing and lovingly made juices anywhere on the planet. Our freshly extracted juice blends maximize nutrients. Did you know that all Fruits and Vegetables contain protein? These are not complete proteins as animal products contain, but when combined in our special blends, a full array of nutrients, enzymes and proteins are made available to you. 

Some ingredients we use in proprietary combinations are:



green apples


















It is our highest intention we serve you with joy and warmth, and that you may discover your true sense of bliss.  We present healthy, non-toxic foods and juices prepared in a bio – living environment with enthusiasm and compassion.

Our community of eco-conscious individuals, work together to create the most peaceful experience that you have ever had!

We look forward to serving you!

For reservations, please email our staff :


Weléla Mar Kindred

“When I first became a vegetarian over twenty –years ago,  I began to feel my body – mind connection and see a change immediately.  My muscles were stronger, emotional and physical injuries began to heal, my skin and hair glowed, and my cells were renewed at a faster rate.  As I integrated raw foods, saunas, juicing and yoga into my practice, my prayer and meditation life as well as my creative elements soared!

Yoga, danse, and cleansing are elements which rebuild the body, mind and spirit connection.  While studying danse, in major cities such as Chicago and New York, I found retreat spaces of my own that I would go to in order to center myself.  I would travel to beaches, forests, and mountains to regain strength to continue my career.  

We are all artists on a soul journey.  I am ever – evolving, ever changing.  I am so excited to be your teacher, and I look forward to working with you. ” God Bless x Namasté ~ Weléla M. Kindred Founder


Weléla has been a personal chef in Paris for three years, with another ten years of experience in the bio-culinary arts, a yoga teacher, activist, professional choreographer and model.  Weléla has formal training in Hatha Yoga, ayurvedic studies, ballet, modern, and contemporary danse.  Her published work includes two poetry collections, a play and short-stories.  She has trained with The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and Centre de National Danse Paris.  She teaches private yoga classes and also leads Hatha and Vinyasa practices at Le Tigre Yoga Club Paris.


Amazing, beautiful class in a loving, calm ambiance.  I loved the flow of the postures – right pace.  I feel light and refreshed after the class.’  Shevanne Helmer ~ hand-bag designer and world traveller

‘Weléla has been my personal yoga coach for a couple years.  I really appreciate her class!  She’s more than a yoga teacher, she is a life coach. She has helped me so much, because of my job I have a lot of stress and big decisions to make, and Weléla always brings me her good vibes and her yoga sessions align my body.  The fact that she’s a dancer she understands perfectly what the body needs, with technique and grace.’ Sofiia Manousha ~  actress and model

Copyright 2014 Ilé Aiyé Yoga Detox Programmes are creative property of Ilé Aiyé Yoga


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