Ilé Aiyé in the Parc!

free yoga

So I was thinking about how bring yoga outside the studio, how to give a free yoga event, and enjoy this summer…and then I thought  – yoga in the park!

Brilliant – bring a little New York and Los Angeles style to Paris!

I want people of Paris to trust, to surrender and feel good about practicing yoga in the park. And who wants to do that by themselves?  Why not share the green space with friends, under the sky, near nature – good times!

This Ilé Aiyé Studio Free Yoga will take place in the green surroundings of Paris’s own Bois du Boulogne – one of my favorite green spaces to chill, have a picnic, bring a guitar and loved ones.

As soon as it gets a little warmer, stay tuned for days and times!

This event will take place near the woods, and after class we may have time to take  short walks through the nature trails!

Let’s bring our yoga mats outside the studio and really connect to nature!

Let me know in the comments below how this sounds and if you’ll be joining me!



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