Artist Statement


Weléla Mar Kindred

Trained as a choreographer, dancer at St. Joseph Ballet Co. and The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater New York, Weléla is an artist and performance curator whose work aims to catalyze social change through creative platforms. She has gained international recognition for her multidisciplinary dance practice that includes all form of media: theater, film, sound, acting, installation, yogic arts and performance creating a relationship between the diverse human story, body politics and performance dialogue.


Weléla has also received wide acclaim for developing a number of site-specific performances in Paris and Ghana, layering ideas of shape, body coding and theories of  human relationships.

Weléla was born in 1975 in Los Angeles where she lives and works. She was based in Paris from 2009 – 2016 and her work has been included in numerous publications worldwide: Prussian Blue Magazine, Vivimus Magazine, Yoga Journal Paris and the Culture Keeper.

Welela has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Tides Foundation Prize 2015, The Tides Foundation Arts and Culture Prize 2010, The DNA Choreographic Lab Residency 2008. She is the founder and Creative Director of LVMB/LAMB. She is also a professor of yogic arts at Le Tigre Yoga Paris, and critically engaging the public through curating yogic meditative dialogues with diverse communities worldwide.


Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions worldwide.

Solo site-specific performances include:

“james baldwin’s ni*ger, (another country) 2015, The Baldwin Festival, Paris, France. “Can I” 2014, Nivet Carson Galerie, Paris, France. “Tell her she’s missing all my wildness and if she doesn’t come soon, i’ll have to go looking for My Shadow and Myself knows Shadow’s the kind who don’t take her shoes off for Nobody ” Chalé Woté Festival – The Fondation of Contemporary Art Ghana (2013).

Group Exhibitions:
“Gold Teeth” 2014 The Beacon, Chicago, IL. “Rosa Get on the Bus” 2013 Frasq Festival, Paris, France. “I’m Sorry God” The Barbara, Paris, France. “Airport” The Betty Gallery, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

The published works of Kindred in 2009 include, “Salt: A Collection of Love Poemes, ” “Feliz Desafarado : A Play.” She finished her recent book : “the self playing ocean’s daughter sought her face and laughed,” a collection of poemes.

For all press inquiries please contact Nena Espérance at + 32  485  02  0229 or by email:




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