Love / LVMB


Are you coming or not said his bird. His throat opened and swallowed diamonds, pearls, gold cities and purple towers all named seven.

Then the mountains in that city said are you coming or not. His bones were guarded by the caves and trumpets sounded abandoning surrender. And glory, glory opened her palms leaving the purple one alone with the winds.

Crowned by his mother, running with the sound of the sun of the birds, rain fell only in the green house, the one that his grandmother built for his throne. He fell asleep in it.

Burdened by no more.

He swallowed lavendar flowers and crept behind her to rest, and his bird said are you coming or not? Answering, the storm began almost like a hurricane. He replied, Life was just the beginning. ~ Prince ‘s day

Visuals: @underdogthedj


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