Whole Foods Survival


Shalom good people!

Whole foods ~ Not the store which takes entire pay checks…but a questionable practice is to use the word “organic” when the food is actually unhealthy for you.

Whenever we eat refined food, whether it be white-flour foods, denatured rice, cereals, refined oils and sugars, we limit the opportunity to keep our immune systems balanced, protect against degenerative diseases, maintain a a lean body and keep our intergrated experience of life in harmony.

Bitter ~ The most vital bitter tasting parts of whole foods are the ones refined away, often discarded, put in nutritional supplements or fed to animals. Yet the bitter parts include magnesium, selenium, antioxidants and other nutrients we need to avoid stress.

Survival for the 21st Century ~ This program is for my clients who would like to navigate through local health food stores and to purchase healthy quality food and unrefined products.

Using the “O” word for marketing ploys is the most deceptive thing that markets do. White flour and white sugar better known as – organic flour or organic cane sugar or juice…are simply refined ingredients. Learn more about oils, refined white flour and fats this week right here at Medicine for the People.

Oils ~ Harder to metabolize and worse for one’s health than white sugar are the refined oils. The labels of these oils often feature the words “organic” or expeller pressed, which are good processes. But if the products are not labeled “unrefined” then they are refined and these common canola and other oils are some of the worst foods that can be eaten.

Quality ~ Instead of refined white sugar, dried cane juice, cane sugar… the quality choice would be unrefined cane juice or powder, barley malt, date sugar, rice syrup, whole green stevia powder, coconut nectar, and green stevia extract.

Visual: Shan Yara


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