Lamb Performances

Visuals: A conceptual short film of “jbn (another country)”

‘james baldwin’s nigger (another country)’ This is a conceptual short film choreographed by Weléla Mar Kindred. The visuals were captured live at the performance and developed by filmmaker Jah Cuba.

This is a movement.

james baldwin’s nigger (another country) from JAHCUBA on Vimeo .

james baldwin’s nigger (another country)

Length: 45 minutes

Company: LVMB

Choreographer: Weléla Mar Kindred

Directed by Javier Saavedra

Guest featured dansers: Olivier Tida x Habiba Schultz

Translations: Aino Cantell

Partners: The James Baldwin Estate x The Collective James Baldwin Paris x Rick Odums Dance Center

Music: Jah Cuba

Summary: james baldwin’s nigger (another country) is ethnopoetic year dialogue of Mr. Baldwin’s archive recordings. What Has the American Dream done For Those Who Live in / outside of the United States? Where is the glittering palace of freedom? Is it not the responsibility of a society / civil government to make their citizens safe from violent harm, maintaining some level of well being?

The black body male or female has continued to be treated as something exotic, “not like us.” Yet this same body is a mercenary, a liar and human. We are living in a time of human history where the past is now staring us right in the face. This interruption of your normal programming has-been stopped due to an emergency announcement by james baldwin’s nigger.

“This dance performance was one of the most powerful pieces of art I’ve had the opportunity to bear witness to. At a time when our social condition demands that artists tackle the socio-political realities of the time, this exhibition addresses issues of violence against the black body with nuance, honesty, and imagination. It is a must-see.” Clint Smith, Ph.D Candidate of Education, Harvard University


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