Take this mornin baby sis ~ Kenya April 2nd


turned the corner and she saw this. not a snake hissed, the new mornin disguised in bliss as we put on the fire red lipstick and saphiirre kiss. take this mornin baby sis. take this mornin babysis.
where the politrick leaders now, no foto opp in kenya dadada dada dow…
they wouldn’t go to that side of town unless there were dollars under those dead collars
collars collar call her dadada dada dow
where the politrick learders now
too busy or scared to take that flight to kenya to pay respect
bet bet
take this mornin baby sis
take this mornin baby bro
your blood flow is just a sho
babybro your blood flow is just a sho
i’ve known rivers and other bodies like this
take this kiss
take this kiss
from the snake’s hissssssss
~weléla mar kindred
kenya april 2, 2015
#daughters #sons #bloodyoga #ceremonyblack


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