Lamb Performances

Gold Teeth

Gold Teeth ~ a performance, strangrrs live with me for won weeek

Fotography and performance

The acceptance of fotography in Africa relied not on the thoughts of being captured by a human machine, but the hostility was towards the European practioners who were invasive with their tactics.

“In Germany 1839 the Leipziger Stadtanzeiger had qualified the idea of fotographic reproduction of the human image as blasphemy, insisting that man is created in the image of God and God’s image cannot be captured by any human machine.” This, the Leipzig publication maintained, had been proven “by a thorough German investigation.” (The Culture Game, Olu Oguibe page 75).

Gold Teeth is a performance piece where I have a stranger stay with me for one week.

Text and history based on Occidental and African culture, Christian rhetoric and social conduct breed an environment to merely challenge the existing text which has been testified.

This performance journal explores “colonial power,” the history of the image and how to recreate tension within an elliptical environment.

Elliptical meaning ~ ever changing, existing with holes and never to return to the same state.

Gold Teeth

Paris 2015


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