Inspire! / Women Healing

Speak your truth


We’ve seen many transition, the poets and artists that sit with us for a spell in sahring what they’ve gathered along the way. Then they depart, only to continue their journey of expanding and exploring this beautiful universe. All the while the Most High is guiding them and us every step along the way.

But they are not dead because death is no more than a door. They carry on, they were only passing through with their love, their legacy and their talent.

Speak your truth, be a student of truth, and that legacy will manifest greatly not only for you but for the global village we call home. Never give up and always listen to that wildcat inside that others would like to stifle.

Use your voice, silence is sometimes wisdom yet danse through all the words, moments of fear, blood, rain, lust and love. It is nothing more than a lesson that we should all embrace.

This moment with a loud voice I scream into the sky to my beloved Brother Mike Hawkins. My dear friend, lover, confidante, educator, mentor and soul life partner. Continued blessings on your journey. I love you my gypsy –  it was an honor, an honor.

Ashé! Ashé! Ashé!

Brother Mike Hawkins

Poet, Activist, Educator, Mentor

November 2, 1976 – December 4, 2014


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