Inspire! / Women Healing

As you awakened


as you awakened

at dawn you were called

to let go of all that you possessed here

at dawn as you awakened you were called to ride the planets and stand with the sacred presence we call God and through your heart as you awakened the hour was swift, and the garden was prepared.

even at this moment it is too soon, as the egyptians say as the the awakening is still happening. as the tibetans say, your journey has now just begun. and we chant and we danse together with the ancient priests and priestesses that you will be guided down this path of light wavering not, hearing the bells opening the doorways – wavering not.

yet at dawn you were called, the hour we did not know

and you say, i’ll encounter my God, my sound – nothing more than me.

i possess nothing more than me.

at dawn you left your work, a legacy bound in blue mornings of love.

at dawn you left your work, poetree bound in journals of water,

water which gave you mountains of indigo children

whom cleansed your wounds with afternoon dust.

the witnesses say to me that now the heavens will have another sound, warm as chamomille, wise as the moon.

akal akal akal

in sanskrit the beings say : i am infinite i am infinite i am infinite

he is me, i am him, he is us peace within.

you’re carrying scents of lavendar and sage, and mother’s coffee near your chest.

we prepared for you

we prepared for you

life is seen in measures of lavendar and sage and as you awaken and walk the dust of galaxies remove your shoes, laugh and sit with the daughters of rain.

Brother Mike Hawkins
Poet and Activist
November 2, 1976 – December 4, 2014

my love, have a blessed journey – i love you always. it is my vow that this work will carry on. it was an honor to have shared our lives together.

ashé ashé ashé

Mike and Weléla met in 2001. They became partners, living, loving and working together and they opened their loft space to artists, poets and musicians which began the Lyricist Loft years. Mike and Weléla continued their love for each other and for the community throughout the years, Brother Mike was a brother to all and a dear confidante to each life he encountered. By the grace of God, they were able to solidify their relationship August 2014 with a beautiful heart to heart conversation, bringing all things full circle – all sacred soulful things for themselves and for the global village.

May the legacy of Brother Mike Hawkins, Poetree, Black Arts education, mentorship, revolution and the spirit of Lyricist Loft continue to live on – with love, integrity, healing, unwavering truth, strength, wisdom and discernment.

Love and blessings – Weléla Mar

December 8, 2014



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