ayan: a sacred friend



there’s a wild cat
you see her, frantic and free
her smell is like the frankincense tree

one of my dearest friends / a piece of gold / a sacred mate in life.
we met 5 years ago at a party in paris, and when we met i said to her: wow, you look like me. like from the inside though. our souls were so similar and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

she honored my life with her grace, gentleness, strength,
elegance, heart, laughter, but most importantly her love for humanity.
she has one theology : live life wholeheartedly.

she is consistent about that. she loves humanity, and picks up the pieces of her life and mine as well and sees the light, the colors and knows that adversity is nothing more than a blessing. embrace it, as she says as life is falling apart right before your eyes. embrace it.

she has her mba, she is inspired by tea, and is working on her passion project:
tea and people.

i have never met anyone who carried unconditional love in their backpocket so effortlessly. what’s interesting is her birth was not easy. that’s why perhaps adversity can’t effect her, she embraces it. she almost didn’t make it here, her birth was complicated. there was resistance from the beginning, so her mom named her “lucky” – ayan zado after her arrival.

she takes me away in her tidal wave of swan like laughter, she offers me prayers, wise words and cups of masala chai when the road gets rough. but she is so much more than that.

i want to go everywhere she goes, even though i know i cannot.
she offers a place of peace, power, honesty and meditation. pure truth.

i am so honored to call her friend, and as she did for me on my birthday i will let the world know that her life in mine is a sacred dream for sure.

we’re both lions and lambs, we are both fierce about love, and at the sametime about protecting the weak. born in the same week, two days apart yet many moons split the difference.

i see her growth and it is beyond me how her years never measure up to her actual heart space.

please check her life and love work : or

happy birthday ayan zado!

yr lucky, and everyone who crosses yr path gets lucky too.

that’s some shit!

from one wild cat to another / God wanted you.

i love you / i thank you for fighting to be apart of this life, your light in this world means more than you’ll ever know.


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