Oct 8° Full Moon Eclipse

moon eclipse

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse October 8° 2014 

Concieve Children in Love

Ovulating with the Full Moon and Eclipse:

This is a time to conceive children in love, meditate for the wars and famine in the earth, opening your heart to allow the Divine’s love to flow like blood to those sacred areas of the world.

The full moon ovulation cycle gives a woman the best chance to conceive children.

If a woman’s body is not in the ovulation ceremonial period during the full moon, and her body is performing the cleansing ritual through menustration  – then her energy is much different.  When a woman bleeds with the full moon, this mode of cycling enhances inner expression, intuition and the development of the inner, spiritual life.


Conceive in love.

Danse / meditate / pray for those in the world, then celebrate that all is well.

Drink Dong Quai infused herbs to increase blood flow and full moon fertility.


Spiritual research has shown that in the case of all eclipses there is a rise in the Raja-Tama and a reduction in the Sattva component. This rise in Raja-Tama has many detrimental side-effects at a subtle (intangible) level which may not be noticeable in the physical plane initially.

The light that is being blocked by the eclipse, may cause the environment to have negative energy.  However the Divine’s grace, the grace alone is sufficient.

Love and light to all!


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