To give your mouth in a kiss


Falling in love, is to love God.

Unafraid of the healing waters, like a baby in the woman’s womb – we are all one breathe away from ultimate love.

In the tantric tradition, women are dancers, partaking in yogini feasts of delicious fruit and nectar, sensual massage, doing what they deisre, living where they desire, they are wanderers, they are artisans, and they sacred.

Men seek them out to heal their silence to become their companions. To create spiritual children one must seek through truth, tantric love. A man who is searching through yoga and dharma – it is the woman whose gaze, kiss and touch that will connect them to their Divine path.

Where there is a woman, there is God.  Without the mother, there is only one. Without her, we are only blind dancers.


To give your mouth in a kiss is to lie down in a nectar of sound

Soak yourself in the color of their hair

Drink the nectar

Be entrapped in the petals of the lotus of their tongue

Drink the nectar

Offer your warmth

And like a batik clothe

They will wipe the dust from your feet

Be deeply dyed in them

Poeme : weléla mar 

Make love,



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