Lamb Performances

Germany: Hellwach International Youth Theater Festival!


First of, let me just dedicate this performance to Afro-American actress and activist Ruby Dee, rest in power sister mother! Also, thank God, ACTA, and Heilos Theater of Germany!  I’m performing in Hamm Germany this week at the annual Hellwach Youth Theater Festival. So much theater to see in so little time.

Today after a long trip to Germany, I decided to see a piece by a Rwanda based culture centre Ishyo Arts Centre. The piece had four amazing performers, who played instruments, sang folkloric pieces and told a lovely story for ages 4 years + about the history of the genocide. I was speaking with one of the creators and performers Carol, who is an amazing woman who was in exile during the time of the war, then returned later to work with the local artist. We are hoping to collaborate over the next year on a major work! I’m excited! It was a beautiful performance and bravo to the entire creative team, cast and crew!

And our performances went really well! After the montage was lost by the freight company, we put our heads together and Helios Theater had everything we needed to have a flawless performance. Thank you to the entire cast and crew that made it happen.

I will keep you posted when we perform in Paris, but our show is for teens ages 14-18.  A story based on the minotarus by Durenmatt – it is a project inspired by self – reflection, body image, body trauma, and healing.

Learn more about Hellwach 2014

Love x kindness,



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