remain wild + free like the lion!


welcome to spring of 2014! it is the season of infinite possibilites!

for me, i realized my theme of being the embodiment infinite possibilities for spring is found in the breeze of love on my skin. to leave the house with less garments on than normal, even sometimes leaving without underwear. wearing less may mean you want to leave the layers behind emotionally as well. and let’s face it, sometimes it just feels nice to be indigenous and get back to nature. give your body some sunlight, and not keep it in the darkness of undergarments for a day. this season is about exploring what truly feels good to me.

i highly recommend underwear free day! it’ll stop wars i’m sure.

spring for me this year is a place to realize my dreams, to move even closer to what feels good, and to be gracious for all that has transpired.

this picture above invokes a peaceful space where one can relax, do some cool yoga with friends, and have tons of wonderful moments with a lover. it’s a sensual space, and when i look at this photo it just reminds me of my spring theme.

all things are possible.

copyright nicolas migiani 2014

things to reflect on this spring

miracles – they happen every single day! so this season reflect on those spaces where wisdom and insight flow naturally  into your space.

love – love has a fragrance all of its own. a sweet breeze may come in the form of love, and then it may retreat if it feels too much attatchment. remember that people are not objects to be collected or owned, they are the energy centers where we spend our time in our heart space – give and receive but don’t try to claim.

possibilities – dreams are real. and manifesting them is about having fun in what you do. i find this season is about listening to my inner spirit, the spirit of God and having a good time.  that old paradigm of work needs to be painful or full of manipulation, or even being a “killer” in your career is done away with.  those people have their place, however if you want a life of peace and laughter – focus on your intentions and remain true to your nature.

our true nature is love! people are sometimes afraid of our natural ability to love – that wildness that looks strange to most but feels good when given and received. to love others is our true selves and therefore society will create rules to tame you and how much love can be offered.

remain wild and free like the lion! roam these streets with a fierce devotion to love this spring and see what happens this summer!

we are all inifinite beings having a great time on this journey together, one inhale, one exhale pushing the limits beyond our wildest imaginations!

i would love to hear about your underwear – free street roamings of love! please share your spring themes in the comments and let me know how you embody infinite possibilities.

happy spring!

love x light

weléla mar

photo: copyright nicolas migani 2014 (location – le tigre yoga club paris)





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