theory of rhythm x alchelmy

theory of rhythm x alchelmy

video: a conversation excerpt with marianne williamson and oprah about ALCHEMY X FORGIVNESS

whatever love is yours
as the handwriting of God
your life is already there in the ethers of this universe
if your heart is not open
you can’t receive what is already there
theory of rhythm

tension x resolution

as today unfolds, we have another day of hope to live our dreams.

my divine life as a choreograper means to remain present and to leave each person or art to breathe it’s own life independently.

alchemy : there is no place where us as spiritual beings where we are disconnected. there is no place where one starts or one stops. we’re truly connected.

if you harbor bitterness and anger towards your fellow neighbor, you may block the miracle for you both, though it is held in trust in the Holy Spirit until you are ready to receive. God will find a way to give you that love – that love that is awaiting to be brought down to this earthly realm.

master x teacher : the one’s who come into our lives as masters, and you the student – are the ones who present the most difficult spiritual lessons, only you can create the answer.


this week in helsinki, i had the divine opportunity to present work at a youth theater festival. there was also the sacred presence of deep energy surfacing between myself and another being. this being, whom i consider to be one of my masters – shared this sacred space with me by observing this energy that has been there for quite some time. however, this week they did somethings, and said somethings that seemed disloyal + disrespectful. in fact, like in nature as things evolve – life will present it’s opportunities to gain wisdom in the form of adversity.


it harboured so much anger inside me, that i ended up taking “the fall.” there were moments where i wanted to pray for their happiness but really, i wanted to pray for their own suffering.

that is what happens to us all when we do not forgive. you end up destroying yourself. by raising the toxic levels in the body through bitterness and anger, i saw myself in the unforgiveness state. this is a place we’ve all visited so many times, and getting out is the art. getting out is the beautiful, messy and transformational art.

author’s note : needless to say, i used this anger and energy during the performance following these toxic moments, and i must say that the character was full of her own lessons of humility and challenges.

forgiveness: all the while i allowed myself to feel the anger, i also knew i needed to ask for atonement and forebearance for that person. to pray for their happiness, and pray that i could forgive them.

sunrise to sunset : the opportunity presented itself to forgive, and although it was hard, i opened my heart, became vulnerable and forgiveness took it’s rightful place.

the journey : though this energy of bitterness, forgivness, disrespect, love seemed to rise and fall throughout the morning until evening – then it was complete. although this process lasted only a day, even then we must know that these circles of energy will never end because forgiveness has a life spirit of it’s own.

atonement for another is beautiful when we carve out space where forgiveness wasn’t orginally created, yet even then there is grace and forbearance.

fresh water : today, the sacred energy between us has been redeemed by being enriched by God’s truth, love and light through the opening of the heart.

on earth…as it is in heaven


learn more about marianne williamson :



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