The healing human touch



Lord I’ve decided to stand here despite the fear.  Despite the uncertainty.  Teach me to Love the community, lovers, partners and enemies that cross my path. I pray that Afro – Americans learn that in order to love and be vulnerable we must speak in love, touch each other, hug, and kiss our fellow brothers and sisters in a healing way.  Not afraid to connect our bodies, minds and spirits.  As for the strong men that come into my life, if I am to be the woman you want me to be, I must learn to take the pain, the negative, the fears and even death, and know that these things, this uncertainty and vulnerability is beautiful and full of strength.

Let me cook a meal that strengthens us both. Let me love and live in love unapoligetically.

So it is, and so it shall be.


Sex and love. The healing human touch of the vibration of love.  A hug, a kiss, a brush of the hand on the leg, smell. Taking time to place your head into one’s neck to smell their fragrence.

I pray that we all learn to touch each other with love, and even when you make love.

Understand it, and meditate on sex.  Don’t just go on having sex unconciously, let it become your greatest meditation.  Please stop using sex as another drug.

Be more alert, see what is actually happening.  After sex, there is a calmness, a serenity, a  peace.

Sex is not just fun, it also holds many great secrets.  And the greatest of all the secrets, you will discover if you become quiet in prayer and meditate – are the moments of joy. When there is joy, there is no time and when time disappears, so does the mind.

The healing human touch, this is when your prayers can become deeper.

The vibration that remains after sex will help you gain more understanding…growing more silent and courageously become utterly oneself.



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