Seasonal Rhythms: Kapha Dosha

visuals: annelie solis

visuals: annelie solis

The seasons are changing, from warm summer breezes to chilly autumn days and nights.  And the Kapha energy is about structure. So this energy feels cold and moves slower.  Earth and water give kapha its qualities.  Kapha is made up of all our cells, tissues and organs.  Kapha molecules tend to comprise dense masses and give the body an appearance of a large – shape.

Kapha is heavy, slow, cool, oily, liquid, hard, smooth, dense, soft, static, viscous, and cloudy.

The Kapha Individual:

  • Heavy bones and muscles, large body frame, tends to be overweight, grounded, deep heavy voice.
  • Walks and speaks slowly, steady appetite and thirst – with slow metabolism and digestion
  • Repeated colds, congestion and cough, desire for sweets
  • Oily skin, hair, lubricated joints and other organs
  • Firmness and solidity of muscles, compact and condensed tissues
  • Soft pleasing look, love, care, compassion, kindness and forgiveness

A Kapha – related weight imbalance is due to a lack of digestive fire (low agni) and low metabolic rate, so even though we may eat very small amounts of food, we still tend to gain weight.  With this type of imbalance digestive impurities are being created, fat tissue is accumulating in the body and the formation of bone tissue is slowed down due to accumulation of fat tissue.  The solution:  increase the metabolic rate and burn up the impurities.

Kapha people are blessed with a deep, stable faith, a loving and compassionate demeanor, and a calm – steady mind.  They have good memories, a deep melodious voice and a monotonous pattern of speech.  An unbalanced kapha suffers from greed, attachment, possessiveness and laziness.  A healthy kapha individual is endowed with excellent strength, knowledge, peace and longevity – due to a strong constitution.

Kapha people tend to have diseases related to the water element such as:  flu, sinus-congestion, excess weight, diabetes, water – retention and headaches.  Kapha tends to get aggravated during the winter and early spring, when the weather is heavy, wet, cloudy, and cold.

By balancing the kapha energetic principle in our body we will not only reduce excess fat and water, but will also increase energy levels, enable the endocrine and digestive system to function better, and create a more youthful appearance.

It is very important to note, when excess weight accumulates, it blocks nutrient circulation and can aggravate Pitta.  What that means is there is excess acid, excess thirst, irritability and an intense appetite for sweets, (instead of sugar, go for honey + agavé) heavy, cooling food – the very foods that cause weight – gain.

*The solution:  drink herbalised water containing small amounts of fenugreek, coriander and fennel – which aids in digestion.  Fenugreek burns fat and helps absorption, coriander eliminates toxins, and fennels helps with digestion.

Tips for balancing Kapha:

  • Exercise that will burn ama and increase circulation. An hour of walking, dancing and yoga
  • Walking in nature, meditation, prayer, pranayama, hot-oil massage and herbal – steam baths
  • Avoid fatty, oily food
  • Arise early:  6am-7am
  • Stay warm
  • Take time to enjoy warm showers
  • Wear bright colors

Kapha balancing diet:

  • Favour warm to hot food
  • Spicy Indian and Mexican food is good
  • Drink 1 litre of hot water with lemon
  • Limit dairy
  • Favour:  Asparagus, aubergine, broccoli, brussels sprouts
  • Favour:  Apples, apricots berries, cherries, cranberries
  • Reduce:  Avocado, bananas, coconut, dates, figs
  • Reduce:  Sugar, aspartame, tamarind, ketchup salt, yoghurt


    To learn more about your body constitution, and receive a detailed weight – reducing change in lifestyle, feel free to contact me.  To schedule an hour dosha session, send an email: ileaiyeyoga@gmail.com.

    Peace x love!


    *Notes:  Blue Lotus Ayurveda, North Carolina USA

    *Notes:  Essential Ayurveda – The Practical Guide to Healthy Living by Danny Cavanagh, Carol Willis


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