I love u: Cork Yoga Mat

ile cork

I really love this Cork Collection yoga mat I bought last week from Yoga Concept Paris!  This yoga product review is about the new eco-friendly mats that are handmade from cork. Not to worry the cork tree is not being harmed, or uprooted.  Most trees have cork bark, and there is not a tree shortage.  So you’re good in the eco-yogi department.

This mat is multi- fuctional.  It works for all types of yoga practices, including hot yoga and Bikram.  It’s water resistant, so the more you sweat, the more you grip.  It’s smooth and has an inspiring shade of nature, it’s unique and comes with an optional bag for an additional price.

I found this mat very breathable almost like human skin.  I did not have to use a rug to cover it while taking a hot yoga class.  And after class the mat was dry within minutes, I just spray it with an Apple Cider Vineagar and organic verbana oil mist.

This is also great to use for children to play on, or use as a massage mat, it’s lightweight and has a beautiful natural shade variation.  This mat is also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-static, sound absorbing, fire retardant and anti-allergenic, therefore it’s ideal for those with sensitive skin and prone to allergies.

So for me,  it works and it’s the best mat I’ve ever had.  Grab one today or atleast give it try from Yoga Concept Paris and say hello to Pam (New Yorker and owner).  She’s secretly my guru, I love this woman.  I’ve known her now for about a year, and she’s always full of giggles and wisdom.  If you’re out of Paris she ships internationally.

Peace x Love to you



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