For the both of you


Please God let me receive the love that I desire.  Let me feed the man who is by my side, and let that food make him strong.  And the love that is on the way, let him be warmed by the sun.  Guide us all who walk this earth to the place where our true love is.  Let all our walls come down, revealing our true selves.


“The heart becomes supple, or love cannot find us.  Walls cannot join with one another, but tender spirits can.  And in that joining, a power greater than the sum of its parts is released into the universe.  We are becoming who we need to be to stand at each other’s side.

And thus is created the space called “we” not you, not me, but a sacred dimension called for you and I.  A space to be honored, protected, and above all cherished.  A space of love that is not of this world, but with the power to transform it.

So this is the adventure I propose to you:  I want every thought and every feeling, every hope and every dream, every fear and every pain.  I want them all.  I will put them in my pot and pour in spices from the East.  I will stir them with my will, and add my love and prayers for you.

Later you will dine with me, and the food you eat will make you strong.  Your shallow self will cook away, into the depth you carry in you.  Bring to me your hunger, and I will feed you from my woman-self.

Bring to me your yearning, for I am big enough to meet you there.  I bring with me a spirit who will dwell with us forever.  It will make of our love an enchanted place, and we will become who we are.  Now come up to the wall with me, and the wall will disappear my love.  The wall will disappear.

Say yes, and you will never be sorry.  Say yes, say yes, say yes, say yes”

Excerpt from:  Enchanted Love:  The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships

by Marianne Williamson


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