Women Healing

Rainforest Remedies

visual:  rainforest partnership
visual: rainforest partnership

“Most traditional healers tell wonderful stories about receiving information about healing plants and their preparation from dream visions.

Don Eligio Panti used to say that, although he learned a great deal from his teacher in the Peten chicle camp of 1930, his best teachers were God and the Nine Maya Spirits who visited him in dreams to help with difficult patients.  In these dreams they would show him the plant he needed in its own forest habitat, and they would explain how to find and recognize the plant or tree, how to prepare and administer the medication, and what results to anticipate.”

Excerpt taken from ~ Rainforest Remedies: 100 Healing Herbs of Belize by Rosita Arvigo

Products found in the rainforests of Suriname and Brazil

Tropilab is an exporter and wholesaler of medicinal plants, herbs, tropical seeds, and cut flowers from the Amazon in Suriname.


Brazilian Forest is a Sao Paolo company that produces and trades health food and natural organic ingredients.  They work with nuts, fruits, herbs and roots from Brazilian biomes.



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