Women Healing

Medicine Woman: Gullah Girl Tea


Gullah Girl Tea ::

Gullah Girl Tea is an amazing company started from the kitchen of Charmaine Bee.  Take the time to check out her websites on Etsy x Tumblr…you will thank me later.  Tea as you know is a healing drink, and her organic tea and syrups are handmade, dried and packed in Brooklyn.

Here’s a hint of inspiration from Charmaine and Gullah Girl’s Kitchen ~ Strawberry with Ginger Tea

“Walking culture was once very big in Port Royal, South Carolina, you had to walk far distances to get to where you wanted to go! During these walks you’d encounter not only a lovely breeze to assist you in remaining cool, but would also encounter serendipitous encounters with family members and friends.  This blend of White peony tea and seasonal summer fruits is perfect for cooling down this summer!  Ginger adds just the right affect for cooling down, this blend is delightful hot or iced.”

Copyright 2013 : Gullah Girl Tea


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