we are all children of the water


What would happen if three women get together on the warmest day in the city of Paris?  What would happen if magic happened while they were all in the same room?

All the women I sat with today were healers, yoginis and mothers at some point.  I even met a woman from Russia who had 6 children.  She was gorgeous!  Some rise before the sun to practice yoga, leaving their sleeping husbands and children.  Others travel to far away places: Tahiti…to feel grounded and supreme.  While others were born mama bears, and walk the path of nurturer and lover.

I want to dedicate this day of movement and healing to those women who I crossed paths with today.  It felt like my soul was drowning, and I knew where to go to remain above the water.  I had to sit at the feet of women who laughed, danced and fed me sweet things.

Remember that work does not go with you once you’re gone, these relationships are what remain important to me…always.  Remain innocent, or if it’s too late for you : ) then go back to it once in a while and I suggest not alone but with sacred friends that move you towards the next wave.


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