A moon :: and some honey

You desire to love someone with everything, completely surrendering to intimacy :: well, just be silent. There are no words that are needed.  Just be.  Eye to eye.  Heart to heart. It has to be understood, not said.

If you say you know someone fully. That’s not the truth. How could you know someone, truly?

A person is not a flower vase.  The vase never changes, it’s the same yesterday, today.  A woman – she changes. A man – he changes.  Does the same water flow down the Nile?

The Most High is an infinite mystery, are we not created in His image as the same perfect mysteries? Never disrespect your love with that ignorance of saying that you know one another.  Explore one another, again. Love again. Start again. Over and over and over, again.

Look at the man who you woke up to this morning.  His face, his countenance.  He has changed. Get to know him.  That woman who is in the sun’s light this morning, see her skin. Get to know her again. Get to know her deeper stirrings, unravel which cannot be unravelled.

You’re uncovering a mystery that cannot be solved ::: this is the joy of love. The exploration of conciousness.

Hence, if you are under this sky there is someone you’re in love with :: Jah, family, friends, old loves, new ones – I urge you to be strengthened for this journey of the honey moon. The honey moon is the beginning of the infinite mystery, inexhaustable, unfathomable, unending path of loving each other, getting to know one another, finding new ways to love each other.

The more you know one another, the more mysterious they become.

Love :: Weléla


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