Laughter ::

It’s said that in Zen monasteries every monk, has to laugh.  Before they do anything in the morning, they laugh.

There can’t be any better way to begin the day.

Feel the laughter from the center, and not from the head.  We can laugh from the head, but the mind is useless.  From the head everything is mechanical and intellectual.  If you try to laugh from your head, it won’t travel from your toes, throughout your entire body.

A real laugh, a true laugh :: watch a child laugh.  Watch how the whole body is moving, she wants to roll on the floor, and many do just that.  It may be a question of release.  She laughs so much, she may start crying.  I have experienced laughter with tears, and it was so deep that I was crying and laughing :: deeply and totally.

This is the perfect healing for being serious.

Love : Weléla


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